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The Skiatook Lake Association is working with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers to develop and manage a nursery pond for the purpose of raising game fish to be released into the lake. The objective is to improve the game fishing of the lake. The project has been successful in raising Florida Largemouth Bass (FLB) and introducing the FLB into the local bass population. This will vastly improve the largemouth bass fishing in the lake.

"The Geezer Group" of SLA members that help manage the Seiler's Pond project are dedicated bunch. Left to right are Ron Miller, Wayne Miller, Joe Neimeyer, Robert McCalla, and Jerry Thomas.

The Geezer Group is always looking for a hand. If you would like to join the action please click on this fish and send us a message............

Seiler's Pond Nursery Pond Project

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